How It Works

We can correct discrepancies and errors on your credit report, improve your credit score and help you achieve your goals! For several reasons, we are one of the fastest growing Credit Repair organization in the United States. We utilize a unique process that includes the individual analysis of each negative item on your credit report to guarantee the correct dispute action.

5 Step Credit Repair Program – How do we fix your credit?

Golden Gate Credit Solutions, LLC uses a 5 Step Credit Repair Program that has been proven to be five times increasingly effective in improving your credit report, in addition, to yielding the maximum increase in your credit scores in the shortest time possible. FICO has designed credit scores in your credit profile that are based on five different fundamental factors. Based off these fundamental factors we utilize a 5 Step Credit Repair Program that successfully repairs and optimize your credit score in all five of these factors.

Step 1 – Remove Bad Credit.

This step when bad credit is removed it strengthens your payment history.
(35% FICO factor)

Step 2 – Rapid Rescore your Existing Credit.

This step quickly strengthens your debt-to-income ratio.
(30% FICO factor)

Step 3 – Add Seasoned Trade lines.

This step adds and establishes more credit length to your credit
history. (15% FICO factor)

Step 4 – Add More Good Credit

This step will enhance your credit by adding different types of credit.
(10% FICO factor)

Step 5 – Remove Inquires

This step will help reduce inquiries and improve your credit scores.
(10% FICO factor)